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Tugboat passing through Chehalis River Bridge - Aberdeen, WA- Craig Nichols

Photo Credit: Craig Nichols

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985-GH An enhanced Communications and Info Hub for the -Citizens of, and Visitors to- Grays Harbor County, in Washington State.  There are 51 Cities, CDP's, and unincorporated communities, those  are the main areas of GH.  Each one supports Public Services, Resources, Destinations, and Events. Nine cities operate under a local elected government. That's a lot to zip codes and activities to keep up with and the reason for the 985GH Project.  


Welcome You


Grays Harbor


County Courthouse.jpg

Grays Harbor County Courthouse 

Located in Montesano, the Courthouse was built in 1911, and is still a grand piece of historical architecture.(The cost was less than $200,000). Today it stands open to the public, still a functioning part of local government. It houses county offices still serving as a courthouse.  You'll find murals, marble, and a clock recently maintained to keep perfect time. The courthouse is a destination well worth a visit.  


About 985GH

Amplifying All the "GOODS" in Grays Harbor

This community is firmly planted on a foundation of Rich Local History. There are many GH residents whose families have been part of the that history for multiple generations.  Others have taken advantage of recently available remote work options, and now reside away from the traffic and crowds of large cities. Finally, some just like to come to visit, perhaps holding vacation properties in the area.

We would like to extend a warm-- WELCOME TO YOU ALL!

Benefits Include:

  • Community services and resources that support those exploring transition,and process. Kurt Cobain, one of many noteable folks whose roots were developed in Grays Harbor recommended, "Come As You Are"! ...We agree!!

  • Discover Small Businesses that might be established/generational concepts, or new startups taking on new ways to work, and fresh ideas to flourish.

  • Things to do: Historically Grays Harbor has been a outdoorsman's paradise (even in the rain) it still is. New indoor activity centers are taking the stage and opening new venues for learning,events and activities. 

Kristi Daniels & Wil Russoul
make a toast at PUB MONTE

Some of the challenges we encounter:

  • So many towns and so many groups, all working very hard- sometimes on similar projects.  

  • We have a disconnect from so many websites, and so many calendars.

  • Even if a group, or management team is putting out information about projects, events and opportunities the target audience is not getting the information. That can result in what feels like a fail, wasted time and investment.  

  • This website is not intended to dilute, or compete with existing websites, services, or marketing, it is meant to complement and highlight those projects, events, and attractions amplifying and supporting the hard efforts from our Businesses, Organizations, Groups, and Citizens. 

    We hope there is value for you in this project for residents and visitors. 


Your 985GH Team!


All licensed Grays Harbor Businesses, Organizations, and Event Planners are eligible for a FREE LISTING. 
Forms are in process, right now send an email and we'll get you listed.  The plan is to have a Community Calendar available for everyone.   Let's get our community assets out there where everyone can see them.   

Audience at a Performance

add these to your MUST DO List!


Coming Attraction
Sunset Concerts
Aberdeen Sunday Market

Local Governments

full disclosure- not all cities have sites, we put what we could find to provide information. 

(the real 985's of GH)




Grays Harbor




Grays Harbor

Places in Grays Harbor County of Washington delineated as census-designated places (CDPs) by the United States Census. These include unincorporated villages, groups of villages, commercial developments, and Air Force Bases


Unincorporated Communities


Grays Harbor

If you don't live within the limits of a city, town, or other governed community, you may live in an unincorporated area. Unincorporated towns or cities are not part of or legally included under the laws of the state that they are located in.