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Take some advice from one of Grays Harbor's favorite sons or daughters.  Kurt Cobain’s famous lyrics have become an anthem in Aberdeen, one of nine cities that form the foundation of Grays Harbor County.  

It doesn't take much observation to understand that the entire County has a Come as You Are attitude. You see it in the neighborhoods and get down with it in the events held there-- and there are plenty of events. 


Parades, Celebrations, Meetings, and all sizes of gatherings. Some are annual happenings and others popup seemingly out of nowhere.  But any event planner appreciates all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of things to do in our neighborhood.  We hope this helps hometown citizens and out of town visitors plan their own holidays, and earnest involvement into the Events & Happenings in Grays Harbor.  


FREE TeamUp Calendar Account

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If you are in charge of regular events that you want included on the calendar and would like to upload those yourself (best way to guarentee inclusion) send an email to and I'll be sure you are added. 

Links to Other Public GH Calendars

Do You Know of other calendars that contain regular meetings, or events in Grays Harbor.
Send an email to dblecha@graphicallydeb and we will add it to the growing list below. 

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