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Late for the Commenting Party!

How often do you learn about a big deal for the community-- ONLY after the input opportunities are closed??

Don't feel alone. With so many To-Do's on EVERYBODY'S list a lot of things get overlooked. There are people, businesses, and political committees that Count On This!

Share the meeting notifications on this and other groups- type in CAPS, WHY BEING PART OF YOUR CONCERN IS IMPORTANT!

  1. SHARE! Every one of us need to get really prolific at Sharing..The Events, The Recordings, the Who-Why- When of things!

  2. USE YOUR TOOLS! It's true most of us have a lot more on our plates than we used to have. We also have more ways to reach people. Social Media is a phenonmenal loudspeaker that is always ready when you are. Use CAPS- Use PICTURES- Use LINKS! But get that word OUT!

  3. KEEP IT BRIEF! People are more into scrolling than reading. The more you say, the less they hear.

  4. CREATE SOME HABITS! Start putting things on your Google Calendar and use the notifications to remind you to repost, share, and ATTEND! (another free tool) Be the one that Shares the recordings and the recaps!

Being an activist doesn't mean a 24-7 committment. It does mean taking SOME actions. If everyone takes on some of the weight, we will see some powerful changes. Be patient, but be active!

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