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PROGRESS! Latest Updates for 985GH

The next focus item for this project is figuring out how to create the forms that will fill the different databases that will sort and make accessible information to the public of which you are part! Sounds confusing- you should see it from a developers perspective.

Membership levels and permissions will make that happen. It will let the system know if you are an event planner or possible attendee.. Not sending anything to Elon Musk, just sorting and making sense of things.. And that is what is happening.. By the way- the calendar has been vetted, added, but not filled at this point- anyone up to do some data entry ? That's the progress for today.

Here's a link to the calendar.. Let us know if you have something that needs to be added ASAP! Right now anyone can view.. it will switch to members only in the future. (BUT!! There will be a FREE level for everyone)

Check out the Calendar HERE.. and yes, it will be open to list garage sales.

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