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Team Members

We're in this together starting out as volunteers.  We share a vision for our Home Towns as sharing caring places to Live, Work, and Play.  This project means a lot to each and everyone of us.  If this sounds like something you want to be part of let us know with a message on the contact form. Tell us how you think you'd fit in and what your passion project could be.  

Support Group

Picture This!

Capturing the beauty of the Harbor can be a daunting task.  Especiallly when you consider just how many days here are meteorolistically challenged (yes, that is a made up term). In spite of that we are blessed with camera bugs that put weather aside and head out to get stunning images of people, events, nature, and everything else visual.  They share on social, work on projects, and make sure that everyone gets to see us, from the banks to the Muddy Wishkah to the King Tides in Westport and everywhere in between, in all our glory.  Special Thanks to Special Talent.  

Phil Braaten pulls double duty running a FaceBook Group of local photographers share the beauty of Grays Harbor. It is
open to the public for viewing and submissions (just join the group).  Click the button to visit Photographers in Grays Harbor. There's new images uploaded daily, and never seems to be a lack of Good Views of the Harbor.  Check it Out!

Facebook Group for GH Photographers and their work. 

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