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985G.H. UPDATE! April-17-2022

So here is the low down- skinny about After 12 years of Admining a community Facebook Group, Aberdeen988520, it is apparent that our community- let alone folks thinking about setting up a home here, or coming for a visit have a very limited view of:

  • What we have to offer (businesses- goods and services, organizations, places to have fun, places to learn)

  • When things happen (events, meetings, disruptive construction, clam tides)

  • How they happen (who's involved, where they meet, how to hear a recording of missed meeting)

  • Who is in charge (elected officials, volunteer committee, non-profit group, local business owner).. and quite a bit more.

Yep! It is quite a challenge, and honestly, Facebook isn't cutting it. It can't be organized for people to easily track down info, sign up to be involved, or sometimes even to attend an event that ticks all the boxes for what someone would like to do, or know, or be involved in. And so-- ta-da!! Along comes A web based info center for the entire county of Grays Harbor. This project is not meant to compete or dilute the GOOD WORK, already handled by Businesses, Event Planners, Non-Profit Groups etc. Consider it a Mission to Amplify those "GOODS" already happening, and lend a hand for those just getting started. The website is the first piece of the puzzle- it is already launched even though it is FAR-FAR from being at a normal launch level of completeness. So, if you want to check in and see the progress, or offer an idea, or even critisism (please be gentle with the critisism, this is being done as a volunteer in spare time at the moment). But a team is working on a full on campaign to let the world how Awesome Grays Harbor Really Is!!

So, if you don't like something- check back, because this project will always be a work in progress.. we are working on a form so you can apply to be a part of the team. (whooo- so much to do). And yep- there will be plenty of updates! After all, there is a blog now! Deb Blecha

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